2018 Restaurants



Medley of salami, mortadella, capicola, provolone, mozzarella, and traditional olive salad served on ciabatta roll.

Penn Brewery

Nashville Gold
Parma rosemary and garlic roasted pork loin, fried green tomatoes, pickled red onions, smoked cheddar, arugula, white remoulade, Breadworks hoagie.

River's Casino

Bar-B-Que Pulled Pork Sandwich
With Cajun slaw, ghost pepper cheese, and a pretzel bun. 

Flavor's Street Food

Italian Beef Sandwich
Roasted beef drenched in its own jus is piled high upon French bread before the whole sandwich is dipped in the meaty jus, and topped with a giardiniera ..

Legends of the North Shore

The Meatball Cone
A meatball topped with our house made Mama's Gravy (marinara sauce), alfredo sauce, and parmesan cheese. All in a parmesan, herb and garlic crusted ice cream cone.

Fig and Ash 

Lamb Sausage Stuffed Pepper
Jamison farm lamb, tomato gastrique, basil yogurt, slider bun

Chateau Cafe & Cakery

The Hunky
Tom Friday's homemade kielbasa, potato cheddar cheese pierogi, with sautéed onions, sauerkraut, muenster cheese, cracked pepper, dijon mustard, served on a Breadworks roll.

Threadbare Cider House & Meadery

Ice Cream Sandwich
with double chocolate espresso cookies and vanilla ice cream!


The Huszar Sandwich
The Huszar Sandwich is completely made in house! Hungarian style meat loaf topped with a pickled cabbage slaw, topped off with a puree of sauteed peppers, onions, and tomatoes over a homemade bun.

Brugge on North

Pepper Jelly Roast Turkey
Roasted turkey, spinach, pesto, gouda, and pepper jelly on grilled sourdough.


Beer Garden Participants


Threadbare Cider and Meadery 

Threadbare Cider began about five years ago as the family-owned distillery's use of local apples prompted the family to open their own cider house. Threadbare Cider now produces farm house, bottle conditioned, hopped, wild fermented, and barrel aged ciders. 

Penn Brewery

Penn Brewery has been producing high-end craft beers since 1986, specializing in authentic, award-winning German-style beers. 


Past Winners


Sandwich King:
Chateau Cafe & Cakery 
Runner-Up: Young Brothers Bar 
Favorite Sandwich Joint: Chateau Cafe & Cakery 


Sandwich King: Young Brothers Bar
Runner-Up: Scratch Food & Beverage
Favorite Sandwich Joint: North Shore Deli and Chateau Cafe and Cakery


Sandwich King: Scratch food & beverage
Runner-Up: Legends of the North Shore
Favorite Sandwich Joint: Modern Cafe


Sandwich King: Modern Cafe
Runner-Up: Chateau Cafe & Cakery 
Favorite Sandwich Joint: Chateau Cafe & Cakery 


Sandwich King: Modern Cafe
Runner-Up: James Street Gastropub 
People's Choice: Monterey Pub 


Sandwich King: Bistro to Go
Runner-Up: Modern Cafe 
People's Choice: Penn Brewery






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