Be a Celebrity Judge!

Celebrity Judges are Pittsburgh's A-list who have contributed to this great city.  The Celebrity Judge role is simple yet valuable: Taste all of the sandwiches at the Sandwich Sampler and cast an official ballot for Northside Sandwich King or Queen. 

Pittsburgh Celebrity Judges


Rick Sebak 

Richard “Rick” Sebak is an American film director and producer who lives and works in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Sebak is the creator of the “scrapbook documentary” genre, many of which he has created for WQED and PBS. Even though Rick does not appear on-camera audiences have come to recognize his voice and distinctive narrative style. Sebak is working on a new series called “NEBBY: Rick Sebak’s Tales of Greater Pittsburgh.” Nebby is a word used in western Pennsylvania that means “nosy” or “inquisitive.” It is classic Pittsburghese. The series will follow Rick being extremely nebby on different subjects specific to Pittsburgh. The series is scheduled to air on WQED in Pittsburgh in six 30 minute television programs this summer. Rick Sebak will be the first judge in Northside Sandwich Week history to have judged the competition twice. 

Rod Rutherford 

Rod Rutherford attended Perry Traditional Academy where he was a standout athlete playing football, basketball, baseball and track. Rod graduated from Perry in 1999 and chose to play football for the University of Pittsburgh after being recruited by numerous Division I schools.At Pitt, Rod was the starting quarterback during his junior and senior years leading the Panthers to consecutive winning seasons both years. After college Rod played two years in the NFL with the Carolina Panthers and won a Super Bowl with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2005. 

Briana "Bree" White 

Briana “Bree” White is a Budget Analyst for the School District of Pittsburgh. In addition she is the Founder of Breelicious Bites, a Pittsburgh based food blog; and writes the restaurant reviews for The Soul Pitt Quarterly Magazine. She graduated from Carlow University with a Bachelors of Science in International Business. She is the Treasurer for Pittsburgh Black Media Federation and Board Member of the YWCA Young Leaders Board. She was recently named one of Pittsburgh’s 50 Finest, through the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Currently, she is planning several culinary competitions as well as networking events. Briana White is a lifelong resident of Pittsburgh, PA.

Munch Von Munchausen 

A prodigious eater whose appetite has served him well as a Post-Gazette food writer and Munch columnist since 2004, Dan Gigler has long thought the sandwich the greatest food delivery vector in human history and can recount lapsing into food comas after his favorites -- Pastrami at Katz's in New York, porchetta from a food truck in Italy, the El Sancho Loco at La Barbecue in Austin, and of course, a Primanti's every six months or so. A native Pittsburgher and resident of the South Side, he isn't prone to crossing rivers but will do so in the service of sandwich discovery and is excited to see what the North Side has to offer. 


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