Be a Celebrity Judge!

Celebrity Judges are Pittsburgh's A-list who have contributed to this great city.  The Celebrity Judge role is simple yet valuable: Taste all of the sandwiches at the Sandwich Sampler and cast an official ballot for Northside Sandwich King or Queen. 

2018 Celebrity Judges


Melissa McCart 

Melissa McCart is the Post-Gazette dining critic and restaurant reporter. She has worked as a columnist in Florida, Pittsburgh and New York, where judging sandwiches has been one of the most fun parts of the job. She's a Northside hilltop resident in a neighborhood with a great view of the stadium fireworks. 

Day Bracey

Day Bracey is a comedian, producer & podcaster. He produces monthly comedy shows at Arcade Comedy Theater & Comtra Theatre. He's standup director for the Pittsburgh Comedy Festival, as well as co-founder of the Fresh Fest Beer Fest. And co-host of the award winning podcast Drinking Partners. 

Max Somerville & Nathan Zoob

Keyboardist Max Somerville and guitarist Nathan Zoob make up one half of the Champion Rock band Wreck Loose. Their catalog includes songs like "Feed Me", an ode to the healing powers of love and other sandwich type foods. Their debut full-length album "OK, Wreck Loose", unfortunately does not include songs about food. Watch them make grilled cheese sandwiches here







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